Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit – Day 9 – Put Your Beliefs into Practice

Once you intend to heal, healing has already begun. Once you add the power of belief, your healing process accelerates. Align your beliefs with action and you will shed the weight faster.
In today’s meditation, we discover that when you activate a positive belief, your cells get the message. By intending to heal, you do heal. We proceed with small steps by taking a few moments every day to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, repeat your belief in healing, and enjoy your recovery.


Put Your Beliefs into Practice

Today’s Centering Thought is: I activate my vision of healing every day.
Today’s Mantra: Om Ram Ramaya (I bring balance and strength into my life.)

Center yourself to begin a quiet solitude of mind and spirit with the thought “I activate my vision of healing every day.” Then begin to meditate by focusing on your breath and repeating the mantra: Om Ram Ramaya. This mantra activates balance strength and healing in the mind and the body. Take deep breaths and with each breathe feel your mind body and spirit open just a little more to this affirmation. Each time your mind wanders come back by repeating this mantra and hold the meaning behind it: I bring balance and strength into my life. Simply meditate for 20 minutes.

Today’s Journal Activities:

  1. Write down three positive beliefs you hold about yourself, then list one way you can act upon it. For example, if you have a good self-image, take a step to improve someone else’s self-image.
  2. Identify three negative beliefs about yourself, then list one thing you can do for each belief that would help to diminish and heal it. This should be a step you can realistically and easily take. For example, if you hold the belief that you are unlovable, consider a way to act friendlier and show others your positive feelings toward them, which is how lovable people behave.
  3. Write down three ways you can be easier on yourself instead of self-judgmental. For example, you could stop running yourself down in front of others.
  4. Reflect further on your experience today.

We must put our positive beliefs into action. When you activate any belief your cells get the message automatically. Once you intend to heal, healing has begun. There are actions you can take to align with your healing process. Be easy with yourself, be self-reliant by claiming your own life rather than allowing others to influence your opinions. Embody what you admire. Instead of searching for the one that adores you be the one, be the love. Your existence is the love you are looking for.

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” ― Haruki Murakami

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