“Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life” Day 2 – Why Do We Get Stuck?

It’s Day 2 of 21-Day Meditation Experience, Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life. Before we jump into today’s meditation let’s discuss Mantras. Why these Sanskrit words during our meditations?

These Sanskrit syllables are carefully chosen to work with and empower the teaching of the day. As you silently repeat the mantra during meditation, a few things happen:

•You quiet your mind – Repetition of the mantra helps you move beyond your thoughts and access the stillness within.
•You experience deeper awareness – The mental vibration created by the mantra allows your mind to access pure awareness.
•You discover your true nature – With daily use during meditation, the mantra helps your body, mind, and spirit relax into their true essence – pure potentiality and happiness.

Mantras are powerful tools to support your meditation practice and help you connect with the light of your true self.

Today we continue to focus on the present and awareness. If you allow yourself to connect with the creative energy within you in the present moment, life opens up wider and deeper to get you unstuck.

Day 2 Why Do We Get Stuck?

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, let the mind remain in the present moment.” – Buddha

I am never stuck when I live in the present.

Om Hreem Namah (Life is one unified wholeness.)
This mantra opens awareness to the eternal presence that exists in every changing moment. It reveals the fluid open quality of consciousness in every moment of experience.


Today’s meditation shows us that the root of getting stuck is awareness leaving the present moment and attaching to the past or the future. But present awareness is never stuck or limited – it flows effortlessly in “the now.” In order to release the blockages and frustration that occur when our attention attaches to the past or future, we must learn to recognize the presence of our true self in each present moment.


1. List the three most distracting things in your daily life that keep you from living in the present, such as too much stress, too many demands on your time, or a habit of worrying.
2. For each of these distractions, write down one thing you can do today to improve the situation, even in small way
3. Being calm and centered is part of living in the present. Describe a specific way you will find this feeling today – and preferably every day – such as taking ten minutes at lunch to sit in the sunshine by yourself, eyes closed, breathing deeply.
4. Reflect further on your experience today.

On the way to getting unstuck, look more closely at what gets you stuck. Old choices and wounds create pain. Old habits make life dull. When your attention is distracted by the old, new ideas cannot emerge. Being calm and centered will help you connect to the present moment, which comes through meditation. Notice when you repeat yourself, it’s your “stuckness” speaking. When out of this state, you feel fresh and renewed. You will be unstuck when you know every day that you are becoming the person you want to be and are doing what you want to do.

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