Day 24 – Indoor S’mores – For Adults

Friday was time for some fun.  InterCourses includes S’mores as one of the recipes. Late in the evening we settled down to gram crackers, chocolate, and hot toasted marshmallows.  We set it all up on the coffee table with a few tealights and enjoyed ourselves while we watched a movie.  It was fun, we felt like kids camping out in the living room and there is something sensual about reaching down to your inner child. We were playful and enjoyed our selves in a way we had not in a long time.


Make S’mores is easy and this was a recipe that the two of us were able to cook up together. Each S’mores sandwich is made with two gram cracker pieces, one marshmallow, and one chocolate square.  We simply placed a marshmallow on a skewer and toasted it over the candlelight.  Isn’t that romantic?  We placed our toasted marshmallows on a gram cracker topped with a chocolate piece, then we topped it with another gram cracker.





I think the aphrodisiac elements here are more the ambiance and act of work together to create an edible delectable.  There is of course chocolate, which stimulates the reward centers of your brain, similar in some ways to sex, and gives you antioxidants and magnesium as well.  The complexity of the warm marshmallow and melted chocolate alongside a crisp lightly honey sweetened cracker is a voluptuous morsel in your mouth.  We had a wonderfully impish evening together.


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  1. Your giving me a great idea for a regular night turned into a simple couples date. Of course in our own bedroom that is, i always love choco and she loves mallows a great blend together.

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