Day 2 – Hand Rolled Dark Chocolate Truffles

For the second day, I once again, selected a simple recipe with a big statement.  Imagine serving your special person gourmet chocolate truffles made by your own hands.  Doesn’t that make a giant statement of “I adore you”?  That is what I went for last night and it was well played.  I’m so grateful that this recipe worked perfectly, because I definitely did not want a repeat of the previous night and end up with double the work in order to serve a tasteful and presentable dish.  It’s because of my experience from the previous night that I chose to skip to desert.  What an intuitive choice it was! These handmade chocolate truffles were so good that my husband asked where I bought them from.


The Hand Rolled Dark Chocolate Truffles from Amy Reiley’s Romancing The Stove simply melt in your mouth.  The dark chocolate lightly dusted with cocoa powder offers the perfect mixture of bitter sweet, much like the current state of a certain relationship.  After popping a couple of these babies in his mouth, I received a little more sweet than bitter, however the true response was rather a transmission of respect from being utterly impressed.



It is unbelievable that something so sumptuous and beautiful can be so easy to create.  It literally took me 10 minutes to mix the ingredients together and create the chocolate mixture, which could be done ahead of time. I simply rolled them into balls and dusted with cocoa right before serving.  So, the truffles had a truly fresh made aura to them.  I made half with dried fruit in the center and I left the rest plain.  Both are equally fabulous.  We are both chocolate lovers, so I couldn’t go wrong with this recipe, and chocolate being a very prominent facet in both our diets, quality dark chocolate along with cocoa powder and dried fruits are once again staples in my “apothecary”.

Hand Rolled Dark Chocolate Truffles
Hand Rolled Dark Chocolate Truffles

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    1. Seriously You could but they’d get a little messy so you’d have to dunk them in chtoalcoe to make a hard shell instead of rolling them into balls. I would actually pour the mixture onto a brownie pan to cool. Then it would cool flat and you could cut the shapes and then dunk them in chtoalcoe. I might have to try this. Thanks for the idea!!!!

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