Day 11 – Asparagus Soup

I had a bunch of asparagus left over from the previous night, so Saturday I decided to make Chilled Asparagus and Ginger Soup.  This is a fresh and soothing light meal, perfect for a Saturday lunch or supper with little effort.  It makes for a great presentation without slaving over the stove your entire Saturday.


Despite the heat that is thrown in there it is quite refreshing with the essence being lemongrass.  My husband loved this soup, it’s full of flavor and somewhat healthy.  Every once in a while, it’s nice to relax with an entirely vegetarian meal.  This soup is perfect for that.  The light meal keeps you afloat for later and it’s nutrients obviously gave us energy.

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  1. Wow.. do you know that gingers helps to soothe your throats? It’s just simple amazing to how you converted a simple asparagus to a healthy and creamy soup.

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