Celebrating The Spring Equinox

It’s the first day of spring, which means that the animal kingdom is up and about bouncing along.  This last weekend while the sun was gleaming we embraced the coming of Spring and headed down to the Temecula Valley.  On the way down we saw sights of chicks popping out of their eggs, and on the farms, the lambing season has begun.   We visited our favorite winery out there which was bustling with life. Rabbits are everywhere this time of year, as a matter of fact the winery logo is the bunny itself.

bunny decorations

bunny rabbit

We soaked in the scent of lilacs and strolled vineyards that will soon be blooming.  The grounds are lovely with ponds and water fountains that bring together all the elements of nature and ideal to welcome in Spring.

lilacsWe dined at the The Restaurant at Ponte and had this lovely lobster stuffed Portobello mushroom drenched in black truffle and lobster cream sauce. They were light and flavorful. The lobster cream sauce was somewhat like a Vodka Sauce which balanced the Portobello mushrooms just right. The alfresco dining experience overlooking the vineyards was just perfect to usher in spring.

Lobster Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Black Truffle & Lobster Cream Sauce

stuffed mushroom

lobster stuffed mushrooms

We began embracing the outdoors at the start of the weekend. Today, on the Spring Equinox, we celebrate the sun and it’s daily coming to make our days longer and our nights shorter with the mark of this day’s equilibrium, as the day will be just as long as the night. Refresh your homes with the scent of Jasmin and rose. It’s a time of new life and rebirth, so celebrate by decorating your home with symbols of our animal friends and newborn bunnies might appear in your garden on any given day.

ponte rabbit


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