Day 15 – Garden Tomato & Avocado Picnic Sandwiches

They hubby came home late last night and we skipped dinner since he dinned out with Clients.  Usually on a night like this he looks for late night munchies while he relaxes in front of the TV.  Any other night, I would probably have handed him a bag of potato chips and some candy bars.  However, I remembered that Romancing the Stove has a simple Garden Tomato & Avocado Picnic Sandwich, which I thought would be just right for this occasion.  Making him a light sandwich made him feel cared for and initiated an appreciation far beyond the aphrodisiac effects of the snack that I served him.



Simply take two slices of white bread, cut off the crust because it makes it more special.  Spread quality butter on each slice of bread, sprinkle with salt and pepper and layer with fresh slices of tomatoes and avocados.



To add a little more flavor and richness to this sandwich, add a slice of Brie cheese.  Its rich and creamy properties will embrace you to forget the simplicity of this sandwich.



Once again, I’m amazed that a simple sandwich such as this could have aphrodisiac effects.  I have mentioned before that tomatoes are the “apples of love” and it helps with sexual performance.  We know that the avocado has always been revered for it’s natural properties to aid with healthy hair and skin.  Beauty is an alluring factor in sexual attraction.  The avocado adds shine to hair when applied topically and its oil is excellent for dry or irritated skin.  Many use  the avocado to make face masks at home, which helps to hydrated the skin and leave it glowing.  That glow will be noticed by your significant other and when the two of you eat avocados together, its healthy nutrients and Vitamin E will give the two of you an extra boost of energy.

I think these sandwiches would be lovely for an indoor picnic.  Lay out a blanket, maybe in front of the fireplace, and enjoy your sandwiches alongside Long Island Iced Tea.

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  1. Now, i live this repice of yours when i am reducing weight. It’s just so healthy and easy to prepare. Could also be something you serve when you have someone who visits over and it’s on time for snacks.

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