21-Day Meditation Experience, Making Every Moment Matter: Day 21 – The Mystery of Time Is the Mystery of Spirit

“The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Day 21 – The Mystery of Time Is the Mystery of Spirit

Timelessness is my deep awareness.

Shara Vana Ya (My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe.)

Message of the Day

Today’s meditation explores the mystery of time and spirit. We learn that when we experience the wholeness of reality, we mysteriously integrate the temporary ever-changing world of time and space with the timeless, unchanging reality of present awareness. We know our core to be timeless while still living in and enjoying the world of time and space.

Journal Questions

  1. At unexpected moments, everyday life opens up to the timeless. However, our daily experience of time often feels like a series of tasks to complete. As humans, we are free to make choices every single day. In looking at the parts of your day, your week, or your life where you have felt the most connected to your soul and your purpose, what have been the choices you made relating to how you spend your time there? What are some ways that you can focus your energy on creating more experiences like this – tapping into your inner Being for guidance?
  2. The world’s wisdom traditions wouldn’t have sprung up if people didn’t have experiences of awakening that diverged from so-called normal life. These experiences are not far removed from our present life if we allow awareness to notice them. Some people call them “aha moments,” and others refer to them as epiphanies. What are some “aha moments” you have experienced in your daily life since starting this meditation journey?
  3. This 21-Day Meditation Experience has been all about identifying the people, places, and experiences that bring you the most joy and change your perceptions of time. Journal about the most eye-opening insight you have had on this topic. What are some ways you plan to continue this knowledge going forward?
  4. Reflect further on your experience today.

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