21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 17 – Playful Manifestation

Day 17 – Playful Manifestation

“Where there is joy, there is creation.  Know the nature of joy.” — Chandogya Upanishad

Message of the Day

Playfulness, lightheartedness, and joy – this is the spirit from which all creativity flourishes. If we want to truly share the abundance of our manifested desires with others, then we need to create from that place of playfulness within our hearts. When you desire in a carefree state of awareness, there are no ego demands or feelings of desperation about your desires. Today’s meditation is an invitation to join Nature’s play, or Lila, as it is termed in Sanskrit. We will learn to trust the desires and intentions that arise from the freedom and joy of our true self.

Desire is my creative play.

Aieem Namah
My true self is playful and wise.

Journal Questions

Playful manifestation is about being a kid at heart. You are closest to your divine creative source when you are most innocent and carefree. Write about a time when you let out your exuberant playful side and were surprised by the burst of creative energy that emerged.

Feeling lighthearted and joyful in manifesting desires comes in part from knowing your ego doesn’t have to carry the burden of responsibility for determining right and wrong. That is handled by cosmic intelligence through your true self. Write about why letting go of this burden will feel so liberating.

Now consider why this freedom from anxiety and moral dilemmas will make you so much better at manifesting your desires. Write down in your journal what the child in you would like to make happen right now.

Reflect further.

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