21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 1 – The Nature of Desire

I was looking through my journaling from the first time I followed the Energy of Attraction 21-Day Meditation Experience back during its initial release in 2015.  I was amazed to see that the hopes and desires I had journaled about have been manifesting themselves for me over the last three years, and my life truly has been moving forward through desire.

With that note, I do hope many more will invite this experience into their lives, and I am posting my experience here.  I’m sure many who have been following would like to peek back at last week’s meditations, so I hope my posts starting today help.

21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction

Day 1 -The Nature of Desire

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.” ― Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Message of The Day

Mindful Moment

Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction – Manifesting Your Best Life. We are delighted to have you with us. Together we will explore and experience the forces of attraction to create a balanced life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Human desire is the essential energy of attraction. Our hopes, dreams, wishes, and intentions are the forces that impel our growth and forward motion in life. We will learn that desire is not only basic to everyday life, it is essential to our spiritual evolution as well. It is through desire that we create more love, joy, and vitality. In our meditations together, we will experience the source of desire – our true inner self – and begin to desire from that silent awareness. This is the key to manifesting the life you want.


My life moves forward through desire.


Eecha Shakti Namah

I honor the universal power of desire.

(This mantra helps you connect with nature’s primal impulse of creative desire.  As you repeat the mantra, feel yourself connecting to the universal power to create through desire.)

Oprah states that the energy of attraction goes beyond getting what you want and aligns “your deepest desires, the innate desires that give your life meaning at the truest level with the source of all energy that keeps the planets aligned, the earth rotating and the sun rising every day.”  Oprah reminds us that what we give out also comes back to us.  That goes for energy as well.  You will attract who you are, so the energy you put into being you will be returned to you.  So that means you need to make you energy what you want coming to you.  Change your intentions to change your path.

Deepak Chopra sheds light on the nature of desire:

“On this journey, you will practice the art of making desires come true by using your awareness to produce the results you want.  The circle of desire begins inside – whenever you have a wish, dream, hope or intention.  There is an inner intention.  From this seed, you want to bring something desirable to you.  Will it happen, or will you fail to get the outcome you want.  The secret lies in knowing how to close the circle of desire so that your inner intention leads to an outer result.  In here, and out there look like separate worlds but there is a traditional wisdom in every culture that says that inner and outer are connected.  A thought, if it is powerful enough, can create a change in outer circumstances.  Something you don’t want can go away.  Something you do want can come to you. What closes the circle of desire, connecting inner and outer reality is the energy of attraction.  This will be the focus of our meditations together.  Like every cell that attracts nourishment to itself, you’re always attracting nature’s abundance.  But if your awareness is constricted, if you have conflicting desires that cancel each other out, if your past conditioning keeps attracting negativity, you need to use the energy of attraction in a new and better way.  The energy of attraction gets channeled through any and every intention. The process isn’t mystical but there are layers of desire and attraction.”

Journal Questions

What are your hopes and desires for this 21-Day Meditation Experience? Write down these intentions, then take a moment to picture each intention as a seed you are planting today, within your consciousness. Your meditations and journaling each day are the water and sunshine they will need to grow.

List all the different types of desires you have during the day – for food, admiration, intimacy, comfort, influence. Looking at your list, write down what these desires have in common. What similar feelings of fulfillment do they share?

For each desire, list one way in which that desire shapes your thoughts and behavior. Now, write down one idea about how you would like to make manifesting each desire easier, less morally conflicted, and less selfish.

Reflect further on your experience today.

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