21-Day Meditation Experience – Desire & Destiny: Day 1

Summer is a time when I put in a little extra effort to relax and unwind.  With that comes treating the whole body well and mind body wellness.  Today, I’m embarking on another meditation journey that is being so graciously hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah.  This time we are working towards turning our deepest desires into reality with Desire and Destiny.

If you would like to join me you can certainly go and register at ChopraCenterMedtiation.com and please leave me comments, so that we can share our experiences.  To get off to a good start create a sanctuary for yourself.  Choose a convenient time and a quiet, comfortable place for your meditations where you won’t’ be interrupted.  Most importantly, set your intention. Intention is a powerful tool for transformation. Take a moment to ask yourself, “What would I like to manifest in my life over the next 21 days?”

Welcome to Day 1 of the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Desire and Destiny.  Together we will discover our soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

Day 1 – Who Am I?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ― Mark Twain


I am my deepest desire.


So Hum (I am.)

Message of the Day

Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Desire and Destiny. Together, we will expand our understanding of ourselves and open to the magnificent lives we are meant to live – our destinies.

Our deepest, most heartfelt desires are like stars in a constellation… brilliant, twinkling lights that show us the way and create pathways to our true destinies. It is our soul’s mission to connect with, cherish, and realize our desires in order to live our lives to the fullest and make our greatest contributions to the world. In fulfilling our heart-held dreams we flourish, serving ourselves and others from a place of bliss, generosity, and love. Our journey starts at the beginning, in the center, as we go within to listen to our deepest truth.

Reflect in Journal Questions:

1.       What is your answer to today’s soul question, “Who am I?” As you write allow yourself the freedom to explore, knowing there is no wrong answer to this question.

2.       What are your intentions for this Meditation Experience? What do you want to learn and create in your life during our time together? Being very specific with your intention is a powerful way to start any journey. After writing, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize each intention as a seed you are planting today within your heart. The time you spend meditating and journaling each day is the water and sunshine that allows your vision to sprout.

3.       Today we begin a daily exploration of gratitude as we invite abundance into our lives. What are you grateful for today?

4.       Reflect further on your experience today.

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  1. Hello,
    Could you possibly email me the journal questions from this series? I’m following along with the free meditation, but I was unaware when I started that I had access to journal questions. Now the free series is about to end and I would love to go back and reflect in my journal, by answering the questions, but I can only go back to the past 5 days. So could you please, please, please email me the journal questions?

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