What to do with Left Over Halloween Candy

This year we had a bunch of Halloween Candy left over. It seems that the neighborhood children are mostly all grown up and there are very few that are still of trick-or-treating age. I have three completely unopened bags of candy, and I’m not about to let my little guy go at it.

halloween candy 3


Donate Your Halloween Candy

I think donating your Halloween candy is a great idea and next year, I may even try to do a candy donation drive. I think it also helps kids learn to give and saves their teeth, which is why many of your local dentist’s offices may be participating in a Candy Buy Back Program. They collect the candy and send it over to the different programs that they participate in which support troops by sending them candy.

Programs like Operation Gratitude and Halloween Candy Buy Back send thousands of care packages annually to U.S. troops stationed in overseas and to their children left behind, as well as veterans. During Halloween time they collaborate with local dentist’s offices to make this happen. You can simply go on their websites to find a participating location to drop off your candy or you can mail it to them. It is as simple as that to make a donation for troops and get the candy out of your house.

Bake and Cook With Your Halloween Candy

Aside from a few Snickers that I will keep to make some homemade Snickers Ice Cream (the recipe for which I will post later this week, so be sure to check back), I plan on donating all my unopened bags of candy. But, you could look up several recipes for baking with candy.

Buy Your Kid’s Dinner With Halloween Candy

As for the trick-or-treating candy that my son collected, I plan on having him use it to buy himself dinner one night. How so? Wahoo’s is offering kids a free meal in return for their Halloween candy from November 1st to November 3rd. You will have to print this flyer before heading over there.

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