What Is The Metabolism Miracle Diet?

The Metabolism Miracle is a revolutionary weight loss program written by nutritionist Diane Kress, which has topped both the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists.  It is effective for those with type B metabolism.  What Diane Kress defines as metabolism B corresponds with symptoms seen in metabolic syndrome, also known as syndrome X or insulin resistance. In The Metabolism Miracle, she notes people who have metabolism B are unable to lose weight the “traditional way,” which is normally eating fewer calories and increasing exercise. Weight loss for people with metabolism B is described as hormonal and individuals will experience an erratic weight-loss pattern. The Metabolism Miracle diet plan is suggested as a lifetime lifestyle plan that is right for people with metabolism B.

How Do You Know if You Have Metabolism B?

The following is list of questions to determining if you have Metabolism B:

____ Do you tire easily and frequently feel fatigued, even upon awaking?

____ Do you feel mildly depressed?

____ Do you feel an energy slump in the late afternoon?

____ Do you frequently feel anxious?

____ Do you crave carbohydrate foods, such as bread, chips, sweets, or pasta?

____ Does your midsection have a roll of fat, love handles, muffin top, or back fat?

____ Do you gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose weight?

____ Do you have racing thoughts?

____ Has your sexual drive declined or vanished?

____ Do you find it difficult to focus and concentrate and are easily distracted?

____ Are you irritable and have a “short fuse”?

 ____ Do you feel slightly dizzy, flushed, or “weak in the knees” after even a little bit of alcohol?

If you answered “yes” to the majority of these questions, then you most likely have metabolism B.  When I first started this diet, I was able to answer yes to the entire list prior to taking the diet on.  I was determined that it would work for me and it seemed easy enough due to the minimal dietary constraints.

The Metabolism Miracle Plan

There are three steps to Diane Kress’s plan in The Metabolism Miracle.  The first step is eight weeks long and allows you to eat in a normal manner, but restricts carbohydrate consumption to no more than 5 grams in any five-hour time period.  There are certain foods to avoid that we will get into in later posts.  The second step reintroduces the body to healthy carbohydrate foods in specific portions and at the right time of day and still holds to the rule of five hours apart. Step two is also eight weeks long, however if one still wants to lose more weight, they can continue this part longer and until they reach their desired weight.  The third stage is a lifetime weight maintenance stage.  In this stage you can add about 30 percent to 35 percent of your dietary calories from carbohydrate foods.

Next week, I’ll take you through the first step of The Metabolism Miracle plan and share my experience with you.

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  2. Those it relates to will find this helpful. Think I have one or two of the listed above, would try out the first step and see how far I can go with it. Normally, it’s easier to start than to complete the entire process. Think this might help me shed off some pounds..

    Thanks for sharing

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