Valentine’s Day Gifts That Speak From The Heart & Emanate The Law of Giving

I can’t believe that we are in the last week of January 2016 already. That means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You may still have a couple of weeks to plan, but for those of you who want to throw a party or have 30 some Valentine’s to put together for your child to take to school, you probably want to get started.

With February just days away, this is the perfect time to think about what Valentine’s Day is really about and discuss giving that exemplifies the code of The Law of Giving. The day is most adored by those in relationships as they feel they have something to celebrate. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be for couples because it’s also about expressing appreciation and innermost feelings about the people in your life. Regardless of what you think about Valentine’s Day, this year try to tailor your V-Day gifts to tell the people around you exactly how you feel. With some creativity you can express your giving feelings to your friends, and with a pinch of romance you’ll be giving and receiving love.

small gifts from the heart

Use this time for giving in a way that makes others happy and inspires love, affection, caring, and gratefulness. I’m doing a roundup of Valentine’s and gifts that speak your mind and heart.  The messages in the following small gifts simply evoke positive feelings and don’t have to be saved for Valentine’s Day only, but can be given anytime you want to do something nice for someone.

I’m So Fortunate We’re Friends Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie valentine gifts

A coworker, neighbor, or your best friend will appreciate you and this “small token of your appreciation”. In the morning or after lunch, drop off a takeout box with a fortune cookie and a special message that tells how grateful you are for their friendship.

fortune cookie giftGet it at Fortune Cookies | Pink Frosted Takeout Box | Free Printable “I’m So Fortunate We’re Friends” Labels at Simply Kierste

Sweets for a Sweet Friend Valentine

Sweet Friend Valentine gift

Wouldn’t your friends love to come to their desk at work and find this little cupcake. It might just make their day and their happiness in turn will make your day. Use my Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe to bake up a batch of mini cupcakes and spread the love.

red velvet cupcake valentines

Get the accessories for the adorable presentation: Clear Favor Box at Chic Wedding Favors | Free Sweets for a Sweet Friend Tag at Lil’ Luna

You’re a Starburst Valentine

youre a starburst valentine

The simplicity of one Starburst sends the message that you are not trying to woo their favor with gifts, but rather making a gesture of kindness that says how wonderful you think they are. On Valentine’s Day, just one Starburst for a friend can do the trick with the Free Printable Stars from “i Heart Naptime”.

starburst starsYou’re A Star! Valentine

You're a Star

If one single Starburst isn’t your thing, then give them a bag full with free printable from that say “You’re A Star! Hope your Valentine’s Day is Bursting with Fun and Friendship!” Perfect for an afternoon treat on Valentine’s Day.



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