Turning Belief into Power: Day 9 of Become What You Believe – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra

“Faith is indispensable for the perseverance required to break through the specious ‘reality’ one knows to the as-yet-unknown Reality.”

— Whitall N. Perry

Yesterday we learned about the four essential beliefs for our whole self. When we expand our beliefs into experience by acting on them and receiving in return, we see them come true. Our core beliefs are powerful when they are pure and life directing.

power of belief

Today’s Message of the Day:

“We learned yesterday about the power of our core beliefs. In today’s meditation, we discover how to activate that power through conscious action. We begin with the core belief, “I am loving and lovable.” To activate its power, we expand the loving reality of this core belief into the world and engage with it in our actions. This puts our core belief of love into motion, reflecting its effects back to us as love, compassion, and understanding.”

The CENTERING THOUGHT for today’s meditation experience was:

“I turn my beliefs into actions.”

The SANSKRIT MANTRA used in the meditation:

Ahrah Kahrah

(My desires have the power to manifest.)

This mantra impels our intentions into manifestations. As we repeat this mantra, we allow our loving beliefs to grow into real life.

Today’s four journal prompts were:

  1. Take a moment to reflect on the four core beliefs of love, self-worth, feeling secure, and feeling whole. Write down, on a scale of 1 to 10, how strongly you feel supported by these four beliefs, with 1 = not at all and 10 = completely supported.
  2. Take the one belief that is working strongest for you in your life and list the ways you can expand it even further.
  3. Now take the belief that is weakest in your life and write down ways you can start to improve your experience in this area.
  4. Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

Today we activated the first core belief – “I’m loving and loveable.” Is your personal reality a loving reality? We can be kinder and look for kindness in return. So, if you activate the qualities of love in your reality the same qualities will return to you. This isn’t just about daily romance in your life, but about acts of conscious kindness and empathy.

With that said, I know that many readers may be searching for another earthy recipe. Tomorrow, I’m spicing things up with Spicy Monterey Jack Cheese and Mushroom Quesadilla.

May your evenings be peaceful and your days energetic!

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