The Type B Metabolism Diet Project

Some years ago before I had my baby.  I found myself in a situation that many newly married women go through.  I was living with a man and eating like a man.  I pretty much cooked and ate what my husband liked, we dined out and were enjoying our newly married life and my body could not keep up and metabolize the same way my husband did.

I found myself yoyo dieting and I hated not being able to eat carbs.  Then I came across this diet that was made for people with Type B Metabolism.  I found a book and followed it like a bible and before I knew it, I looked better than I ever did in my life.  The book brought me to a realization about how my body worked and I found a balance in life.  Unfortunately, my enjoyment with my newly found body did not last long as I was pregnant one year after and had to start all over again, because pregnancy and a newborn baby certainly does a number on a woman.  Let’s just say getting back on the program became a challenge.  The reason for that is explained quite well in books about how Type B Metabolism works, however, if you can get past a 3 day hump and then complete 8 days, then you will be on your way.  Your body literally becomes comfortable with the food intake and does not crave other things as much.  This is because the diet does not deprive you of carbohydrates and that is a big plus with me.  I was even able to eat chocolate and I only ate what I liked eating.


This may seem like a big cliché as so many people are getting on the diet regimen for the New Year, however, I am getting back on the Type B Metabolism Diet and I will use this blog as my support system.  Somehow, I lost the original book that I had bought.  I think I left it at my parents at one point and someone from my very large family must have picked it up.  Sadly, when I searched stores for the book recently, I could not find it. I could not recall the author’s name, but I believe it was entitled something like The Type B Metabolism Diet.  I found a variation of similar contents in a book by Diane Kress, called “The Metabolism Miracle: 3 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Weight . . . Permanently”.  The content is almost exactly the same, but this book recommends working out for 30 minutes per day, whereas the book I originally read, did not require working out, even though it stated better results with a work out.  The key was that if you followed the diet plan you would lose weight whether you worked out or not.  I loved not having to work out and I literally shed the pounds by not working out a single day after I started the diet.  Some may be frowning upon this, and I wish I was better in the exercise area, but I’m not and that is not how my body works, so that is that.  It’s not like I’m sedimentary and I get plenty of physical activity through out my day.


The Type B Metabolism Diet is the only diet that has ever been successful for me and it created a lifestyle that I would like to get back to.  Join me as I journey through my Type B Metabolism Diet Project.  Check in with me weekly and I’ll fill you in on exactly how this diet works, let you know how I’m doing and give you scrumptious recipes that this diet allows me to enjoy.

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