Kick Start To The Sexy Eats Experiment

It’s Day 1 of the Eat Sexy Experiment.  I’m getting ready to go out and shop for the ingredients I will be needing for tonight.  It’s amazing that simple ingredients like chocolate and cinnamon that you can get at any grocery store can be combined into an edible masterpiece, which is intended to strike a chord with the libido.  It just occurred to me that I should probably give an explanation of Aphrodisiacs for those of you who are new to this concept and reading my blog for the first time ever.

Essentially an Aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire.  There are particular foods that are potent with this element.  For example, you would never expect sweet summer watermelon to do the trick.  But it does!  It can relax the blood vessels and work like a Viagra.  Watermelon has a component, called citrulline that creates this Aphrodisiac effect, not to mention that watermelon is also an excellent source of lycopene, which is good for a healthy prostrate.  I should mention honey, which has been favored since ancient times.  The natural pureness of honey itself is sensual and it’s ever so sweet, a little taste can boost blood sugar levels and honey has boron, which helps us make use of estrogen.

Watermelon & Honey Sauce alongside a Sweet Watermelon Shake
Watermelon & Honey Sauce alongside a Sweet Watermelon Shake

Enough of the science behind the food. Just imagine serving a fresh plate of watermelon drizzled with a honey sauce or serve the sauce on the side and dip and feed each other.  It’s simply an easy way to bring out the romance on a hot summer day.  Over the summer I served a watermelon shake with a spoon of honey.  You have to try it to understand the uniquely sweet yummy taste this combination creates.  It was a great idea to cool off on a hot summer day and heat up indoors.

That brings us back to today and this experiment with aphrodisiacs for 30 days straight.  I’m on the hunt for more great recipes with these sensual effects.  I hope to come up with more of my own as I cook though these bestseller cook books.  To kick off “Day One” I thought I would start with a recipe from the diva of aphrodisiac cooking, Amy Reiley.  Tune in tomorrow to find out how it all goes.

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