The Anasazi Steakhouse in St.George Utah


Last week I posted about a visit to St. George and I mentioned the Anasazi Steakhouse.  While visiting St. George, Utah, on the search for a good restaurant, The Anasazi Steakhouse kept popping up. This American style steakhouse offers a specialty dining experience, and I haven’t encountered a restaurant that cooks its food on volcanic rocks even in Southern California! The Anasazi Steakhouse is not just a steakhouse, but has cheese and chocolate fondue offerings while they will grill or hot rock the best steaks or entrées that you select.

southwest fondue
Southwest Fondue is more spicy than the traditional and is complemented with nacho chips. All cheese fondues are served with fresh breads, green apple wedges, and crisp vegetables.


The use of stones or rocks for cooking is not altogether new…it goes back to 18,000 B.C. The natural ability of stones to retain and radiate heat has made it the ideal cooking source through a diverse range of cultures. The volcanic rocks are heated in a special oven for 6-8 hours and are then placed onto specially-designed stoneware plates made to withstand the intense heat. The rocks are then delivered to your table along with your entree selection. Soon you’ll be hearing the sizzle and smelling the aroma of your meal cooking right before your very eyes. This method ensures that each bite is hot, juicy and delicious.

shrimp and steak hot rock
Shrimp and Steak On The Rocks. Served with Three Dipping Sauces.
garlic whipped mashed potatoes
House Special Garlic Whipped Mashed Potatoes


We started with a fondue, then ordered our main courses cooked on rocks, which is a lot of food.  Included with the entre is soup or salad – they have a lovely balsamic house dressing, and then a choice of sides like baked potato or mashed potato.  I felt those portions were large.  Then you can end with a chocolate fondue with fruit and cake or one of their beautiful pastries.


This is a specialty dining experience in every sense as you are surrounded by art while you enjoy fondue appetizers and desserts along with hot rock cooking. The Anasazi Steakhouse setting is truly a visual experience with photographic art by William Carr, unique metal designs by Darrick Phallon of Elevado Metalworks and cut metal art by Reflections in Metal. Other works by skilled artisans are also showcased. You can excite your senses in an elegant atmosphere, yet down to earth southwestern tone that makes you feel at home with friendly and attentive service.

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