Sunrise to Dusk on the Spring Equinox

March 20th, 2018 marks the Vernal Equinox or the Spring Equinox for the first day of Spring.  This is when the sun shines directly on the equator and we get equal hours of light on the Northern and Southern hemisphere.  On this day we will have 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of night.  It is the pinpoint when we can expect our days to get longer.  The arrival of longer and brighter days beckons upon us rebirth and life.

Harness your spirituality on this day to celebrate the first day of Spring and connect with Mother Nature.  As it is a time of rebirth in nature, take this time to cleanse and start new.  Start new projects with the blessings of earth and refresh yourself.

What are your plans for the Spring Equinox?  Perhaps my itinerary for the day will inspire something on your calendar.

Sunrise to Dusk on the Spring Equinox



I awaken just a little before the sun begins to rise.  The first act for this day is a cleansing.  My home has already had its Spring Cleaning over the weekend.  Now in the darkness, it is time to light incense with the scent of Spring and bathe myself.  According to ancient traditions the incense for this time of year are Jasmine and Rose.

Lavender Salt Bath

I take a lavender salt bath.  Lavender is soothing to the skin and helps with relaxation.  I make this bath as natural as possible with a homemade recipe for the Lavender Salt Bath conjured from Sweet Almond Oil and Epsom Salt, which helps deliver deliver magnesium to the body through the skin and soothes tired muscles. The Almond Oil Moisturizes the skin to leave you feeling soft and anew.

Homemade Lavender Bath Salt

2 cups Epsom Salt
2 tbsp of sweet almond
10-15 drops Lavender essential oil
1. In a medium-sized glass mixing bowl, add Epsom salt and almond oil and mix well. Do not
use plastic (the essential oils will absorb into the bowl).
2. Add essential oils and mix again.
3. Store in an airtight glass container.
4. When ready for bath, scoop two tablespoons of Lavender Bath Salts into bathtub full of

As I emerge from my bath refreshed and cleansed, I’m ready to welcome the sun on this wonderous day.

Sunrise Yoga

I step outside to welcome light into my life and come out of hibernation.  I feel the sunlight on my skin as I stretch my body to nature.  I do some breath work:

Lay down on your back.

Inhale, feel your belly, rib cage and chest expand.

Exhale, let your chest, rib cage, and belly fall back to neutral.

Let the expansion create space in the front, sides, and back of your body.

Visualize a warm, golden light spreading through your body as you breathe.

Take 10 breaths.


I feel the warm glow of the sun on my skin and enjoy sitting on the grass.  I meditate to Shedding the Weight: Mind Body and Soul.  It’s time to let all the heaviness of the darker days go and start with lightness an enlightenment.

Sakura Tea

Cherry Blossoms are what the Japanese call Sakura and it is around this time that the Japanese start to head outside to sit under the Cherry Blossom trees that have bloomed.  A warm cup of Sakura Tea is just the right way to welcome in the morning of the Spring Equinox as the blossoms excite us about all the blooms that are yet to emerge.  The tea is fruity and fresh.

Sakura Tea


2 cups water

1 tablespoon cherry-blossom tea

3/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup honey


  1. Heat the water in a medium pan over medium heat until it begins to simmer.
  2. Remove from heat, add tea, and let sit 2 minutes. Strain immediately.
  3. Add lemon juice, and honey to tea.
  4. Enjoy!

Make Intentions

Spring is a time for new things. Giving birth to a new practice for me is picking up on plans to write a book.  I’m creating a schedule and time for myself to complete the book.


In the afternoon I go outside to create an altar with flowers and plant seeds in the garden.  This is a wonderful time for children to join in the fun when they are home from school.

Evening Meal in the Garden

I end the day with a family meal from the garden.  Foods that are taken from the garden to prepare, like vibrant Garden Pea Soup and a Spring Vegetable Paella, finished with a Carrot and Mango Lassi.  If possible, we sit in the garden fire side and breathe the freshness in the air.

Spring Equinox Blessings!

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