Stuffed Dates For Ramadan

We can’t go through the month of Ramadan without touching upon the subject of dates. Dates are a staple fruit of the Middle East having been in cultivation for thousands of years. Traditionally Muslims will break their fast at the end of the day with a date as this is said to have been the way the Prophet Muhammed himself chose to begin Iftar. He would eat three dates with a glass of water. As such, many different varieties of dates are served throughout the world in respect to this tradition during Ramadan. Almost everyone will serve plain dates and then in certain parts of the world, such as Morocco you will see stuffed dates in many different variations as an after dinner treat.


Keeping with the traditions of the festivities why not have a dates tasting at your next Ramadan party. Offer a variety of dates. Dates are the jewel of the desert and you can discover quite a variety of them and find the type that you like best. If you are anywhere in the United States, try to find Medjool Dates, they are simply plump, moist and luscious. In the Middle East and other Muslim parts of the world, dates are eaten in very creative ways. Whether soaked in milk or stuffed with indulgent nuts and cream, it’s simply divine. I have two stuffed dates recipes that taste like chocolate in your mouth. Take your time and enjoy each bite.

Sweet Creamy Stuffed Dates


½ Cup cream cheese

1 Teaspoon honey (preferably sweet organic raw honey

1 Teaspoon cinnamon

5 Large Dates

1 Tablespoon of finely chopped pistachio nuts


Mix together the cream cheese, honey and cinnamon

Take the pit out of your dates without splitting them in half and stuff them with the mixture. Sprinkle the pistachios on top. Enjoy!


 Pistachio Stuffed Dates


½ Cup Pistachios (You can use salted pistachios to offset the sweetness, it complements the dates)

2 Tablespoons of Rose Water

Dates (about 20)


In a food processor ground the pistachios with the rose water. You should still have a chunky consistency and not a paste.

Cut your dates in half and take out the pit.

Stuff each half of the dates with the moisture.

Serve cold or at room temperature.

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