Strawberry Moon

I wanted to share last night’s Strawberry Moon on the Summer Solstice. It’s a rare union of a solar and lunar event which occurs only twice a century when the solstice coincides with the full moon.

strawberry moon
Summer Solstice Full Moon/ Strawberry Moon

On the evening of Monday, June 21st a Strawberry Moon rose in the sky during the Summer Solstice. It’s called a Strawberry Moon because Algonquin tribes of North America believed June’s full moon signaled the beginning of the strawberry picking season.

wild strawberries

The name is quite befitting to the vibrant full moon depicting hues of red and orange. It’s no wonder the Swedes have a tradition of enjoying the first fresh picked strawberries as well on the Summer Solstice. It seems the traditions of the summer solstice overlap in many cultures even though the solstice means very different things for different people. However, it is also an event with deep mystical significance that it is rooted deeply in Biblical sources.


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