Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions & Deepak Chopra’s Sacred Momentum: Devine Method for Creating Your Best Year Yet

How many of you have actually kept up with your New Year’s resolutions up to this point? Statistics say 1 in 3 people ditch their resolutions by the end of January and it’s mainly because they are too busy or not committed to their goals in the first place. In reality some of us fall away from our vows by mid-January causing many of us to sink deeper into feelings of failure. This year I set the plans for my New Year’s resolutions with a design to avoid such guilt ridden feelings and failure.

Like many Americans I wanted to be healthier, but not just in diet, rather in mind, body and soul. I was very inspired after following the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah back in November, and I wanted to bring more of that into my life. I decided what ever health improvements I would make this year would come from the inner self.

I started my resolution on January 2nd – let’s face it, we are too hung over on January 1st to focus on anything. Knowing that Deepak Chopra’s Sacred Momentum: Devine Method for Creating Your Best Year Yet was coming up this week, I gave myself exactly to this point to focus on eating to balance my energies using the rules of Ayurveda. I cooked Banana Rice Pudding to soothe my Vata energy, indulged in Mango Mousse to cool both Vata and Pitta, I dabbled in making Yellow Curry Chicken to nourish Pitta, and I whipped up some Crispy Roasted Curry Chickpeas for Kapha energy.

carmelized banana rice pudding

mango mousse

yellow curry chicken

roasted curry chickpea

That brings us to the second week of January 2016 and Sacred Momentum: Devine Method for Creating Your Best Year Yet, which I anticipated would give me the motivation to keep my New Year’s resolutions for the rest of this month, as well as some inspirational methods to continue on my path to regular meditation and replenishing myself from the inside out.

sacred momentumDuring this one hour online event Deepak Chopra focused on the following:

 1.  How the Western world’s fixation on the future blocks our natural ability to be in the flow. As we focus on the future and plans on how to get there, we miss natural opportunities that come our way due to our fixation on the plan. Hence, missing out and often failing. Learning to step into the flow means getting connected to a force that is greater than you and trusting it to always take you where you want to go, as it is there to always support you. So you end up further ahead than you ever expected and you can even enjoy the ride.

2.  The 7 spiritual laws or principles you can use to fulfill your desires in life, more effectively and with less struggle than ever before. If you put them into practice, you’ll realize that you can manifest whatever you’ve been dreaming about. There is a natural sequence for the application of these laws in your daily life starting with the first Law of Pure Potentiality, which is that the source of all creation is pure consciousness or pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. The Law of Pure Potentiality is experienced through silence, through meditation, through non-judgment, through communion with nature, but it is activated by the Law of Giving. The principle here is to learn to give that which you seek. That’s how you activate the Law of Pure Potentiality. If you seek money, give money; if you seek love, appreciation, and affection, then learn to give love, appreciation, and affection. Through your actions in the Law of Giving you activate the Law of Karma. You create good karma, and good karma makes everything in life easy. You notice that you don’t have to expend a lot of effort to fulfill your desires, which automatically leads to an understanding of the Law of Least Effort. When everything is easy and effortless, and your desires keep getting fulfilled, you spontaneously begin to understand the Law of Intention and Desire. Fulfilling your desires with effortless ease makes it easy for you to practice the Law of Detachment.   Finally as you begin to understand all these laws, you begin to focus on your true purpose in life, which leads to the Law of Dharma. Through the use of this law, by expressing your unique talents and fulfilling the needs of your fellow humans, you begin to create whatever you want, whenever you want it. You become carefree and joyful, and your life becomes an expression of unbounded love.

3.  Evidence that nature itself follows these laws. For example a flower doesn’t try to blossom, it just does. A lion doesn’t check three extra things off its to-do list before it hunts, it just hunts. However, humans are so conditioned to think anything worth having has to be hard-earned that we’ve actually become uneasy with ease. We’ve forgotten that in our natural state of being when we’re not forcing and trying so hard to have a good life, we already have a built-in compass that makes getting what we want in life easy.

4.  The most effective way to tap into your connection with source, that miraculous energy – and watch the universe rise up in unimaginable ways to help you create the life you want. Tapping into your higher knowing means paying attention to clues that will support you in having what you really want in life. These clues come in the form of coincidences – unusual and seemingly meaningless events that unfold in your everyday reality. This is called Synchronicity. The key is learning how to recognize and correctly interpret those clues to guide your behavior. When you do, you will start to enjoy more opportunities. You will have more “good luck.” Harnessing the power of coincidence is not a skill you’re likely to have been taught, but it is easy to learn and quickly enable yourself depend on it to guide you more effectively and effortlessly in the direction of your dreams. Deepak Chopra actually offers a course in this at the Chopra Center and calls is SynchroDestiny. Here’s how it works:

  • Form a clear intention – to help you get from where you are now to where you’d like to be.
  • Become sensitive to the clues of the universe – and use those clues to turn your intentions into realities.
  • Break free of old behavioral patterns – like depending on the rigid ego mind and its plans and expectations.
  • Follow the chain of coincidence – expertly and automatically.
  • Effortlessly co-create the destiny you most desire – with joy and ease.

I have offered you a lot of information that I had to digest in one hour. I don’t suppose you would still be interested in consuming one of my recipes at this time…would you?

No, worries. In the coming weeks I will be taking everything we have learned today and I’ll be applying them daily. If you check in for those posts you will get plenty of recipes.

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