Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit – Day 4 – Fulfillment Holds the Key

Today we learn that there are many kinds of hunger, but only one state of fulfillment. When you give yourself what you really want and need, unhealthy habits, such as overeating, cease to be a problem.

We often react to emptiness without thought or reflection – we over work, over eat, binge drink. If we figure out what we lack and seek what we lack, then we can fill ourselves up without filling up on substitutes. This turns weight and burden into weightlessness.



Fulfillment Holds the Key

Today’s Centering Thought is: In fulfillment, I lack for nothing.
Today’s Mantra: Ananda Hum (I am pure joy.)

Center yourself to begin a quite solitude of mind and spirit with the thought “In fulfillment, I lack for nothing.” Then begin to meditate by repeating the mantra: Ananda Hum. This mantra awakens the state of fulfillment that is your true self. With each meditation feel your mind body and spirit open just a little more. Each time your mind wanders come back by repeating this mantra and hold the meaning behind it – I am pure joy. Simply meditate for 20 minutes.

Today’s Journal Activities:

1. Write about a lack in your life that is being filled by cravings or bad habits.

2. Now, write down how you can more directly address that lack. For example, if a lack of self-esteem is a big part of what’s driving unhealthy habits, consider helping someone using a talent you have. It could be giving piano lessons if you are a musician, or helping them sort out their business expenses if you are good with numbers.

3. List the areas of your life in which you already feel fulfilled, and then write down how you can start building on that fulfillment.

4. Reflect further on your experience today.

Everyone can feel the difference between emptiness and fullness, and it is this experience that allows us to feel our way to better lifestyle choices. Fulfillment is the feeling that you are no longer needing and are content in the moment. When we feel incomplete we can’t be centered in our inner self and this lack creates cravings. Rather than grabbing what ceases your food craving ask what you are really craving. For example, late at night when you head to the refrigerator, ask yourself what you really want right now – stimulation due to boredom, human interaction because you are lonely?

It’s possible to lack something even if other parts of our life are going well. Don’t judge yourself for things you think you lack. Our hunger is undeniable as humans. The goal is to balance your needs and separate from temporary hunger, such as a bigger house or new car. External things don’t have sustainable power for genuine inner fullness that is within us already. Meditation gives us a deeper state of fullness and gets us a bit closer each time to genuine inner fullness

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” — Hilaire Belloc

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