Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit Day 18 – Taking Back Your Power

Every day, our lives are shaped by forces we may not even realize are part of us. Some of the most prevalent themes that get reinforced in society are: winner and loser, lovable and unlovable, victim and perpetrator, beautiful and ugly, powerful and powerless. When you put yourself in one of these mental boxes, you lose the power to shape your own story.

Today’s meditation is about taking back the power to create your own life story, and to speak and act according to your own truth.


Taking Back Your Power

Today’s Centering Thought is: I define myself by choosing who I want to be.
Today’s Mantra: Vratam Ahum (I am the wisdom that embraces life.)

Center yourself to begin a quiet solitude of mind and spirit with the thought “I define myself by choosing who I want to be.” Then begin to meditate by focusing on your breath and repeating the mantra: Vratam Ahum. This is an affirmation that you are the consciousness that knows itself on its unlimited terms.  Take deep breaths and with each breathe feel your mind body and spirit open just a little more to this affirmation. Each time your mind wanders come back by repeating this mantra and hold the meaning behind it – “I am the wisdom that embraces life.” Simply meditate for 20 minutes.

Today’s Journal Activities:

  1. Focus on a burden you are carrying, either physical, mental, or emotional. Write down all the reasons you have been carrying this burden. For example, you might feel it is your duty or that someone else has imposed upon you.
  2. Next to each reason, describe how much you currently believe that each reason is valid, right this minute. Set aside your old beliefs. Speak to how you feel right now.
  3. Whenever we carry burdens, we’ve surrendered some of our personal power. Journal about how you can regain your power, focusing on practical steps that are doable. For example, you might stand up for yourself more or turn to a friend who has dealt successfully with the same problem or burden.
  4. Reflect further on your experience today.

When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of the soul that is empowerment. There is no one more powerful than you are when you embrace the power you have over your own intentions and actions. The internal power comes from taking responsibility and knowing that you are worthy. We have choice in every moment to embrace our power or give it up.

We must be conscious and be aware when we are surrendering our power to others and given in. This surrender of power becomes our burden and weighs us down. We become who we are or by having power or giving power up. Each time we give power up, we become helpless and loose our power over ourselves and food as well.

You have the right to define yourself and taking back the power gives you self-definition. We have choice in every moment to embrace our power or give it up.

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.” ― Coco Chanel

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