Self-Awareness Brings Belief to Light: Day 6 of Become What You Believe – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra

“A sincere seeker knows that belief is dynamic power, and he has this power as his very own.”

— Sri Chinmoy Jones

When you mediate you are spending sacred time with yourself. Look at today’s meditation as a powerful invitation to open a closed door. Don’t underestimate the power of belief.


Today’s Message of the Day:

“The impact our beliefs have upon our motivation to act is very powerful. If we believe we aren’t smart enough to do something, that limiting belief can make us feel the task is impossible or that failure is inevitable. Conversely, a self-affirming belief such as “I am capable of accomplishing the job” leads to confidence and action. Limiting beliefs are false messages about our self. They are like dark shadows hiding our true nature. When we dispel those shadows with the light of self-awareness in meditation, we are liberated from their grip and free to pursue the core beliefs that are expressions of our true self.”

The CENTERING THOUGHT for today’s meditation experience was:

“Every day brings me closer to the light.”

The SANSKRIT MANTRA used in the meditation:

Om Hreem Namah

(I open my awareness to the unity within diversity.)

Today’s mantra is intended to amplify the life of awareness so we see the unity of life behind the vail of diversity.

Today’s four journal prompts were:

  1. We all have some negative self-beliefs that are so deep that we may find it difficult to face or attempt to change them. These could be “I am unlovable” or “I am unworthy.” Write down one such belief that resonates with you.
  2. Now describe the ways you avoid the pain of looking at this belief through your attitudes and behavior.
  3. To use the power of self-awareness to dissolve this negative belief, write down the qualities of your true self as “I am” statements. In this case it could be “I am love” or “I am worthy.” Set the intention that whenever you feel the shadow of this negative belief impacting your life, you will take a breath and connect with your silent awareness, and feel or experience “I am love,” “I am worthy,” etc.
  4. Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

I think today’s journal prompts are quite powerful and may even bring up a lot of painful feelings that we have suppressed for a very long time. Take your time and care with them.

May your evenings be peaceful and your days energetic!

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