Roasted Asparagus, Potato & Mushroom with Eggs for Easter Brunch

The charm of waxy, buttery little new potatoes and elegant, delicately pungent asparagus bounce off each other. Add a few other spring treats, such as golden-yoked eggs and fresh mushrooms, and it’s a culinary game of spring pinball that makes for an excellent Easter brunch activity. New potatoes and asparagus both are extremely flavorful when roasted. Add some eggs and you’ve got a super satisfying dish, which requires very little else on the table with it.

Roasted Asparagus, Potatoes, and Mushrooms with Eggs is an easy one dish wonder that looks ever so elegant when served just as is.

Easter Asparagus and Potato Hash

Roasted Asparagus, Potatoes, and Mushrooms with Eggs


1 lb. new potatoes, cleaned and cut into small chunks (optional: use mixed potatoes, blue and red give the dish a nice splash of earthy colors.)
5-6 whole garlic cloves, bashed
3 tbsp. olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 lb. asparagus
4 oz. mushrooms
4 eggs


Heat the oven to 375F. Put the potatoes into a roasting dish with the garlic. Trickle over the oil, add plenty of salt and pepper, toss and roast for 30 minutes, until tender.

Meanwhile, snap the woody ends off the asparagus and cut the spears into 3-4cm lengths. Coat the Asparagus with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. When the potatoes are tender, add the spears and mushrooms to the roasting pan, toss and roast for 15 minutes more, until the asparagus is tender.

Now create four little spaces among the veg for the eggs – you want to contain them as much as you can, so arrange the potato and asparagus pieces into reasonably snug bulwarks. Working quickly, so everything stays hot, break an egg into each space, then return the dish to the oven for about five minutes, until the whites are set and the yolks still runny.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper over the eggs and serve straight away (the eggs will continue to cook).

Note: Grated parmesan is very nice finishing touch to sprinkle on top of the dish.

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