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You’ve probably heard of the Julia Roberts film, Eat Pray Love, but have you ever actually gotten your “eat, pray, and love” on, in a place as far away and exotic as she did in the movie? Well, this may be your chance of a lifetime to do just that! Here’s a chance to win an All-Expense-Paid trip to Bali, the place where she finds “love” in the movie, and most-interestingly, where she finds strength, and inner healing, by visiting a spiritual Balinese healer! This all-expense paid trip to Bali includes the chance to do just that, as WELL AS AIRFARE, massages, excursions, tours, breakfasts, exquisite dinners, even transportation to and from the airport is all INCLUDED! This Giveaway is at valued 5K+ USD!

As many of my readers already know, I don’t feature a lot of giveaways.  However, after learning about our sponsor’s life experiences and passions, I realized how much I can relate and wanted to support her.

Now meet our sponsor who is offering this wonderful trip!

Candy Tolentino, long a fan of the blog, is also an Author, (book: “How to Win The Game of Life After 40 – Proven Techniques to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness NOW – coming soon!) She is also a Speaker, Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Mother, and Travel Passionista. Candy knows what it’s like to turn a dream into reality. Without experience, training, contacts, or bank funding, she launched Earth Cafe Living Foods, a raw vegan dessert company that ended up being the first of its kind to gain nationwide attention. Sold out stores followed, celebrity support, media and critics’ awards, and what felt like a fairy tale ending.

Then, Candy turned 40, and her entire world seemed to collapse! Her business, marriage, and family all were breaking down, beginning with the quick diagnoses and death of her mother to stage 4 cancer.

After what felt like losing everything, Candy picked herself up from the ashes, gaining financial freedom, joy, and even physical health again, and decided to teach others to do the same. These experiences inspired her to write her book and especially to conduct healing retreats for other adventurers to get a taste of the best things in life.


If you’d like to enter to win this absolutely FREE trip to Bali, (or learn about early-bird specials), simply join her mailing list at, and you’re in!

Deadline To Enter: March 14, 2018

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