My Happy Plates Lifetime Membership Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the Giveaway.

champagne-glass-1113164_1920We had great number of entries and most had similar comments in regard to meal planning. I can relate to many and I wish I could have awarded everyone a membership. The good news is that Ryan at My Happy Plates has offered everyone who entered, but did not win a discount for a one-year subscription to My Happy Plates.

For this giveaway we decided to do one bonus winner along with the originally planned two. The winners of the My Happy Plates Lifetime Membership Giveaway are:

Anna Tetreault, Elizabeth Miller and Nelle Carroll

Congratulations to everyone!

6 Replies to “My Happy Plates Lifetime Membership Winners”

    1. Hi Anna,
      You are welcome. You and the other winners should have received an email from My Happy Plates at the email address you provided when submitting an entry for the give away. I hope you enjoy it.

    2. Anna, Please check your promotions inbox on your gmail account for the My Happy Plates email.

  1. Wondering if Nelle is really noelle? 🙂 but probably not since I didnt receive a second email. Congrats winners!

    1. Hi Noelle, I’m so sorry that I misspelled your name. Congratulations on being one of the winners:) Winners, please check your spam or promotions box if you use gmail to make sure you don’t miss the email from My Happy Plates. You will get a weekly meal plan by email. When they reach their Kickstarter goal and launch the new version of the product you will get to login and create your user account.

      1. Thank you! Its okay! My husband says… I like the name Nelle! haha, and thats great, I did get an email with a mealplan, super exciting! thank you so much!

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