Mindfully Eating Chocolate – Chocolate Meditation

Chocolate Meditation 2

We have focused quite a bit on mindful cooking and preparing food mindfully. It’s time to focus a bit more on mindful eating. In mindful eating the key is connecting with your senses. Many traditions use nuts or fruit as the focus for a meditation on the senses of taste, smell and touch. But you can use any food at all so why not meditation based on chocolate?

Chocolate has its own powerful values that contribute to the mind and body. To prepare for this meditation. Choose chocolate that you have never tried before or one that you have not eaten recently. Preferably find wrapped or packaged chocolate to enhance the meditation.

I have a hand rolled chocolate truffle recipe that you can easily and quickly make at home and wrap in parchment paper for serving.  It’s also a great recipe to practice mindfulness with on your own.

Get your chocolate in hand and tune in Monday for a Chocolate Meditation on Mindful Eating and Cooking Magic.

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