Mindful Eating & Cooking Magic

With my resolution towards wellness, I realize that this year I have been concentrating quite a bit on mindfulness and its marriage with food. The art of mindfulness can transform our food abundant, diet obsessed culture – and renew our sense of pleasure, appreciation, and satisfaction with eating.

A growing body of research suggests that changing our attitudes and practices around meals and mealtime rituals may be every bit as important as obsessing over what it is we actually put in our mouths. That is why both mindful cooking and mindful eating can make a remarkable difference in our lives, reconnecting us more deeply with the experience of eating — and enjoying — our food.

Mindful Eating & Cooking Magic

My new project is Mindful Eating & Cooking Magic – a series of videos and podcasts for mastering the art of mindful meals. While I was posting some of my cooking meditations and recipes, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if you could follow along with audio or video rather than reading the guided meditations and then trying to practice them on your own. It’s particularly hard to meditate or be mindfully heart centered while cooking if you have to read a recipe while doing so. Mindful Eating & Cooking Magic is for those of us who need recipes and measurements to refer to while cooking and yet want to create that relaxing atmosphere in which we can be fully immersed in the cooking experience for it to become an actual meditative experience – mindful cooking.

Here’s a promo for Mindful Eating & Cooking Magic:

Episode Days

Weekly episodes will be posted every Monday and you can check ahead the Friday before for the recipe that we will be meditating to, so that you can prepare ahead with the ingredients.

Where to Find Episodes

You can come here to access the podcasts and videos. However, there are two other ways to access Mindful Eating & Cooking Magic:

You Tube

You can subscribe to the Love.Food.Life.Alchemy YouTube Chanel and watch the guided meditation cooking videos there: https://www.youtube.com/c/Lovefoodlifealchemy


If you are less of a visual person and prefer audios, then you can subscribe to the Podcast:


♥ May Your Soothing Ways Meet the Joy of Mindful Meals