Mango Mousse & Pitta Energy Balancing

Today, I’m bringing you a very easy eggless recipe for Mango Mousse. It is sweet and rich. Creamy lightness folded with the sweet of mango is oh so indulgent. Although this cool treat may seem like a summer flavor, I am offering this recipe to be enjoyed all year long for those who need a cool soothing element once in a while.

Ayurveda Pitta Energy

This particularly is true for those who are dominated by the Pitta energy according to Ayurveda. Pitta is the fire within in you. Its attributes are hot, sharp, sour, pungent, and penetrating all in one. During the summer that pitta dosha, inherently driven by solar force, is most predominant. Thus, a cool treat like Mango Mousse would come in most handy during the summer.

mango mousse

Pitta Dosha

Comprised of the fire and water elements, Pitta dosha is the expression of radiant energy, both within our bodies and in the universe. It is this energy that fuels all biochemical activities, including transformation, digestion, metabolism and assimilation. A cooling diet comprised of sweet, bitter and astringent tastes are most beneficial to balance Pitta. Cooling foods such as cucumbers, sweet fruits like mango, and melons are the best. Dairy can help balance the heat of Pitta, including milk, butter, and ghee.

As we count down to Deepak Chopra’s gift to us for the new year, Sacred Momentum: The Devine Method to Creating Your Best Year Yet, let’s indulge in Mango Mousse. Heavy Cream and sweet mango puree in this Mango Mousse are a perfect combination for a recipe to balance Pitta energy.  This is a simple two ingredient recipe that requires no eggs nor any gelatin, which are typical ingredients in mousse.  This Mango Mousse can be enjoyed with no worries by meat eaters and non meat eaters alike.

mango mouse desert

Mango Mousse


1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 ½ cup mango puree (I used canned puree, you can puree free mango and add sugar for taste as well)


Whip heavy cream until soft peaks form with an electric mixer.

Gently fold in mango puree. I prefer to leave a marble texture, you can also completely blend it in being careful not to flatten the peaks.

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Tip: You can fill mousse in serving bowls and then refrigerate for presentation.



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