Living By the Light of Truth: Day 20 of Become What You Believe – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra

“Belief is truth held in the mind; faith is a fire in the heart.”

— Joseph Fort Newton

We tend to deepen our understanding of truth as we move through life. Truth can be understood personally as our own silent awareness. It is the reliable guide we seek.


Today’s Message of the Day:

“Today’s meditation reminds us that our guiding light in life is our true self. This silent presence of awareness is the light of truth that always shines. As we learn to think, speak, and act from our true self, we build a genuine, dynamic, and loving self. This is our truth, this is our Being.

We don’t have to do anything extraordinary to live this truth. It is simple, adaptable, and intelligent, and it is accessible to you right now.”

The CENTERING THOUGHT for today’s meditation experience was:

“I open myself to truth and light.”

The SANSKRIT MANTRA used in the meditation:

Satyame Vijayate

(Truth is victorious.)

This mantra echoes that the connection to the truth of your core self brings success to whatever you do.

Today’s four journal prompts were:

  1. You are in your truth when you speak, act, and think from your true self. Write down the most memorable times when you felt that this happened to you.
  2. List the values of the true self that appeal to you the most. These could be love, creativity, self-awareness, strength, bliss, or compassion. Have faith that these will expand as your awareness expands.
  3. Write down three things you can do today to share your light with those near and dear to you.
  4. Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

I can look back on my childhood and remember the times that I expressed my self openly and innocently. It seems as we get older our consciousness about speaking what others want to hear takes over our lives, and our true self is dampened.

To build the true self, speak and act the truth. Simply do what comes naturally to you and that is living by the light of the truth.

May your evenings be peaceful and your days energetic!

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