Korean Dramas & 85°C Bakery

I’m a foreign film connoisseur. One of the main reasons for my interest in foreign entertainment is because of the cultural perspective, but the other is for authentic takes on food. I have not watched a lot of Korean films, but I came across a show titled “Let’s Eat.” I have never encountered a show that uses food (lots and lots of food) as the means to bind individuals together into a community in every episode. This is the best Korean drama about food currently available to watch.

It’s unique and funny, best of all, “Let’s Eat” gives meaning to the term “eat deliciously.” I can’t replicate the gourmet dishes that are produced on this show, but I headed to one of the best Korean bakeries in town, 85°C Bakery. I picked up some savories and sweets that are simply irresistible.

85°C Bakery

Spicy Green Onion Chicken is a sweet dough base with a green onion and chicken mixture. That is topped with shredded cheese and Siraracha sauce. It a sweet and savory taste with a kick.


French Garlic Cheese is a European style bread made from honey dough, with garlic and Asiago cheese inside.


Coffee Milk Butter is coffee bread with a milk butter filling and topped with chocolate chips. It’s gourmet doughnut bar!




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