Fresh Watermelon Martini

It’s warming up and the evenings have been quite pleasant. It was time to surprise the hubby with a cocktail to enjoy in the evening. So, this weekend we had Watermelon Martinis. It’s quite simple to make, yet a killer punch when it comes to taste. Simple and tasty is just the way I like it!


Watermelon Martini


½ cup watermelon cubes

½ cup quality vodka

2 mint leaves

¼ simple syrup (optional)

Ice cubes and a martini shaker




  1. Use a muddler to muddle the mint leaves inside the martini shaker
  2. Add the Watermelon cubes and muddle until they are completely juiced
  3. Add the simple syrup if you feel that your watermelon is not sweet enough
  4. Add vodka and ice and shake the martini shaker until you drink is cool
  5. Strain and pour into two martini glasses and enjoy


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