Five Romantic Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just three weeks away.  It seems like just a few days ago that we were counting down to the New Year and now a month has almost passed us by.  So, it is time to start thinking about what to do for Valentine’s Day.  Howe we celebrate Valentine’s Day is a testament to the marriage of food and love in our lives.  We generally keep this day modest.  I’m happy with flowers or chocolate from the hubby. We don’t exchange extravagant gifts, it’s too much of a cliché and our anniversary is just around the corner.  With that and Christmas having just passed we are happy to enjoy each other’s company over a cozy dinner.  We always dined out, but in recent years we have chosen to order in a nice dinner, so we could enjoy the evening with our little one as well.  A few times I surprised him with a semi-homemade dinner.  When we were dating and in the early years of our marriage I would bake and we would come home and indulge ourselves.  That was my Valentine’s Day gift to him.

This year I’m pretty sure we will have a Feast of Saint Valentine at home.  I would like to prepare a decadent desert.  The task in hand is to come up with a romantic treat that we can both share, yet make sure the ingredients can be tweaked to make it sugar free or low carb for me to enjoy as well.  Since, I am still sticking to my New Year’s resolution, I should put in the effort to not mess it up on Valentine’s Day.

As I ponder upon this, I’m looking back at some of my most romantic recipes for inspiration.  Here is my roundup of five romantic recipes for Valentine’s Day.

1.   Strawberries Drenched in Honeyed Cream – This is a heavenly concoction.


2.  Chocolate Mug Cake – A soft and moist cake so sweet served in individual mugs.


3.  Hand Rolled Truffles – What could be more romantic than gourmet truffles that you made with your own hands?


4.  Cabernet Sauvignon Ice – Such an elegant treat served in wine glasses.


5.  Chocolate Croissant and Lemongrass Infused Tangerine Mimosas – Can we say breakfast in bed!




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  1. I love these pictures. They are so pretty and romantic that they make you want to fall in love and whip some up for someone special. Very nice work. The recipes are great ideas for Valentine’s Day.

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