Firefly At Studio City For The Last Days Of Summer

For many of us the summer is over.  We have wrapped up our vacations, the kids are back in school and we are back to work.  However, autumn has not exactly arrived yet and the Fall Equinox arrives this Saturday, September 22nd.  For those of you still enjoying the last days of summer (in California it may be many more weeks), I wanted to share my summer experiences which you may still be able to explore.

I had the opportunity to head out to some of the hidden gems of LA this summer.  Today, I’m sharing what I literally call “The Secret Garden” in North Hollywood.  Firefly in Studio City embodies sophistication and swank, but truly has a neighborhood persona.  Even after a decade of presence, you still must be in the know to grace this establishment.

Just as the private walled garden in the literature exuding secrecy and hidden beauty, one goes through a wooden door surrounded by foliage to enter a library foyer and through the chic bar you will step into a romantic patio dining area.  Surrounded by lush green rolling up a hill and curtained cabanas lit by fire.

The seasonal fare changes and includes a dinner menu, tasting menu, and brunch.  On the night we were there, we indulged on the Tomahawk Steak!  But, don’t miss the starters like the veal meatballs and Crispy Manzanilla Olives with whipped crème fraîche, chive, and lemon.

Enjoy your dinner close to sunset and stay for the night life that proceeds.  This is definitely a date night place.  Although they offer a kid’s menu, and families do dine there, it is usually an early event for these patrons, because once darkness falls the fireflies come out to dance the night away!


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