Day 9 – Hot Chocolate Martini

I have to admit that chocolate is my ultimate passion.  My husband is content with that fact because it’s our passion.  We love just about anything chocolate and if you offer us a libation that includes chocolate, then we will be happy and all giggles.  Continuing on with luscious thirst quenchers, on Thursday I served Hot Chocolate Martini from Amy Reiley’s Romancing the Stove.  


The sweet lure of chocolate evokes a lure to each other between he and I.  Our love of chocolate has always allowed us to explore and share something together.  A martini is sexy and chocolate is comforting and indulgent.  When the two come together it can only create sparks for us.  My guy is a big fan of Vodka, when it comes to picking his “poison,” so this was going to be a hit cocktail for us.

For me the delicate process of melting chocolate itself is an art.   To get the just right creamy indulgent liquid form of chocolate without allowing it to burn is often considered a science, but I think it is a sexy culinary method.  Adding high quality Russian Vodka to my carefully molten dark chocolate soaked in creamy milk (soy milk for a protein boost) was ever so much fun.  Bringing a subtle hint of vanilla to this creative libation formed a masterpiece.  It’s like joining all the sensual scents of baking with a pure, clean and ultra smooth stimulant that alcohol gives.  Good Vodka blends seamlessly with just about anything and that is the beauty of this drink.

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  1. Early in our relationship my wife never loved coffee, i found that out when i gave my first gift and she just frowned at it. But me being me, a hardcore chocolate lover so after a couple of years together she is so addicted to chocolate that i had to limit the stocks on the fridge as she is having a binge over it. And chocolate over a martini? this is classic. I love it.

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