Day 8 – Iced Coffee

My husband came home late yesterday and I thought a little “pick me up” was in order.  We have had an extended summer and it had been a scorching hot day.  Iced Coffee seemed like the appropriate drink that would offer a wake up call and create a little stimulation, yet the chilled drink would be soothing from the heat.

Coffee itself excites the mind and body.  It’s an aphrodisiac who’s effects are immediately felt.  It offers a stamina enhancing ability and elevates mood among other things.  So, it was perfect for a grouchy man who arrived home from work. The dopamine increasing and blood flow enhancing substance leads to better sex and orgasms.


The recipe directives call for a tall glass filled with ice.  I thought my Persian coffee cups that elegantly stand tall would be just right for the presentation.  A regal and sexy presentation for my stimulatingly chilled drink.  I loved the way the heavy cream swirled through the coffee and did not require to be stirred.  It was simple to make and quick for a late evening drink.  A beautiful and unexpected treat.

If I were to do a variation on this drink, perhaps in the upcoming cooler months, I would create something to the likes of Indian Chai.  A quarter spoon of fresh cardamom and a quarter spoon of fresh ground cinnamon, along with the strong brewed black coffee and heavy cream would be decadent.  This could be serve warm or on ice.  It’s aphrodisiac potency would be heightened to the max with these ingredients.

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  1. Whenever the weather is hot or i was late for the usual morning coffee and i visit a cafe near my office i always opted for a Iced coffee. I loved your creamy variety thought, Who doesn’t like creamy stuff right? But i think just one times a week is good for me just to be on the healthy side.

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