Day 4 – Feta & Basil Stuffed Mushrooms

On Saturday I put in the time and effort to collect all the ingredients for Amy Reiley’s Feta and Basil Stuffed Mushrooms.  No, I did not try to hunt down another three ingredient recipe.  After all, it was Saturday and I should be able to put in some extra effort at least on the weekends.  It takes two to make it happen, so I need to keep up my end of it as well, which is cooking up a scrumptious meal.  This was a high protein dish, with Tofu being the lead ingredient in providing a boost in estrogen.  I need not repeat the potency of basil and it made quite an impact on the flavor of the dish.  The recipe also called for Spinach, as a dark leafy green it is pact with vitamins that give you energy to let out in the bedroom and help you feel good as well as glow.  Mustard seeds, which I ground a little extra of into this dish, is known for its vitality to sexual health and is a prominent aphrodisiac in history.  This was another aphrodisiacs packed dish with a killer taste.  The moment you take a bite of this stuffed mushroom, your mouth is filled with a burst of various flavors.

Did this wake my husband, who had been sleeping for the better part of the day?  Well, he did rise to eat because it all smelled great.  He had been sleeping through his Saturday, recovering from a hectic work week and lengthy work days.  Only to wake up and snack in between naps, until dinner time.  So, he flipped on the TV and started munching on this great vegie dish, might I say.  For a meat and potatoes guy he quite enjoyed them because they were packed full of flavor.  They are quite savory and a variation for those who are not inclined towards soy or tofu may be cream cheese.  We are also trying to stick to low carbohydrate foods, so I excluded the Panko and just topped the top of the stuffed mushrooms with Parmesan cheese to give it the color and a bit of crispness.

All in all, the Feta and Basil Stuffed Mushrooms were a hit and found it’s way to my husbands heart through his stomach.  This morning he offered to go shopping for the week and asked if I had any other plans for cooking this week.  Not the most romantic thing you want to hear from your husband, but the gesture to pick up the necessary provisions for the week was sweet and at least he’s excited about the cooking.  He obviously wants me to keep the special dishes coming and what man wouldn’t.  I on the other hand don’t want him to get too comfortable as he may not get daily  fresh and never eaten dishes served to him on a regular basis after this month is up.  Besides, I would rather keep the element of surprise when it comes to what he can expect on the dinner table each night.


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