Day 27 – Espresso Over Ice Cream

Monday night my husband had dinner plans with some clients, so I planned for desert.  Espresso over ice cream deemed to be appropriate for this late evening course.  The recipe is in InterCourses and it’s absolutely delicious.


So simple to make, that’s what I love about the InterCourses recipes.  The recipe gives the option to use one pint of either vanilla or chocolate ice cream. I opted to mix it up.  You need to make sure to chill the ice cream after you scoop it into your bowls so that it is very cold. You will need half a cup of espresso, which you spoon over the ice cream.  The hot espresso goes directly on the cold ice cream to create an indulgent and stimulating concoction.





The coffee mixed with the vanilla ice cream, creates the taste of almost a coffee ice cream.  With the mix of chocolate ice cream, I got a kind of mocha treat.  We licked up every little drip of this dessert.  The coffee that the espresso is made with works as a strong stimulant. Combined with the dairy in the ice cream this is quite an energizing desert.  It leaves you fulfilled in many ways.

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  1. I do something like this all the time when i feel like having some sweets and creamy coffee. That’s why we always have at least a small ice creams from magnolia if my creamer wasn’t available. Perfect for a small meeting if they come over.

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