Day 20 – Body Heat Basil-Black Pepper Tea

I suppose you could say that I took a day off.  On Monday night after takeout, we settled to soothing cups of tea.  Ok, I will admit, that my husband is not a tea drinker and it took a little bit of effort to convince him to try this cup of herbal delight.  But, I was making tea and it might as well have been an aphrodisiac for the night.  I told my husband that it would help him sleep better and he should try some with me.   We had Body Heat Basil-Black Pepper Tea from Romancing the Stove.


Tea is generally the most simplest thing to make.  Steep the bag in hot water and drink, right?  When it involves making tea from scratch with your own herbal brew we think it’s complicate.  It’s not!.  It’s just about getting all the goodness that you want into a little pouch and then steep.  Yes, it’s that simple.  For this recipe I simply took the ingredients: 3 black peppercorns, 3 cloves, and 3 basil leaves and packed it all into a tea infuser.  If you don’t have a tea ball or strainer, then take a piece of clean cheese cloth and wrap your ingredients in that. I should mention that you need to slightly crush the peppercorns first.  Take your pouch or infuser and steep in 6 oz of hot water for five minutes or longer if you like your tea strong.  You can stir in a touch of honey if you prefer a sweeter taste.







My husband had never had anything like it, and I believe, like libations, tea is an acquired taste.  These unusual flavors combine to create body heat with peppercorns and cloves.  The flavors not only create complex tastes with each sip, but also sweeten breath, aid digestion, and offer a dose of antioxidants and vitamin A, all of which aid in inducing warm and comforting feelings.

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  1. Never had thought that a pepper can be made into a tea? Really nice knowing it.. I’m sure it does give that trickling sensation because of the pepper and the aroma of basil.

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