Day 18 – Chipotle Mac

Saturday night we had a hearty home style meal of macaroni and cheese that was ever so elegant.  I served Chipotle Mac from InterCourses.  This is one heat packed dish, but so simple to make.  Once again I discovered simple ingredients that are combined together to pack a punch with flavor.


The method is simply to boil your Pene Pasta al dente (8 oz.) then to mix it in a oven safe dish with 8 oz. of creme fraiche and and one tablespoon of Adobo Sauce.  The Adobo Sauce is your source of heat and flavor.  It is an extremely savory sauce made with Chipotle chilis and can be easily found in most super markets.  Someday, I hope to try to make this sauce from scratch.  Getting back to the recipe, once you have your Pene mixed with the sauce and creme fraiche, you simply sprinkle with  half a cup of Parmesean cheese and place in under the broiler until your cheese has turned golden brown.  Let me stress that this dish should be served immediately.




We loved it!  My husband right away said he wanted it again.  We love spice, so this was a great dish for us.  The Chipotle chili is actually a favorite of my husbands. Chipotles are aged, smoked jalapeño peppers. They give a medium hotness and mind boggling, smoky flavor to food.  Chipotles give an imperative zest in Mexican, Central American, and Southwestern cuisine.  The results of this Latin spice combined with fresh cultured French cream and Italian Pene Pasta was an union of the three languages of love and their cuisine.   The aphrodisiac effects of chilies is well known.  Chilies don’t just get our blood pumping in an extremely discernible manner, their hotness really triggers a surge of endorphins, which are natural opiate like neurotransmitters that push emotions of elation and energy.  Our bodies react similarly to that of which when we eat chile in the state of sexual arousal.  It’s no fortuitous event that our bodies additionally discharge endorphins when we’re enamored. Consuming chilies makes the skin flush the lips stout, so we look as loving as they can make us feel.

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  1. I love the way its melted over the macaroni. My partner would love this, having a Filipino heritage we always loved adobo. A great twist to the usual tomato sauce, I would even bake this over rice.

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