Day 16 – Eggplant Basil Soup

Thursday night I served a hearty soup.  This was the most unique combination of ingredients and process using such ingredients I have ever tried. The Eggplant Basil Soup is a recipe from InterCourses. I find eggplant to be an extremely sensual and beautiful plant.  A fruit with rich purple skin, it has a somewhat royal demeanor.  A majestic food it certainly is.  It must have been served to the ancient kings of Persia and Turkey in the form of Baba Ganoush over hundreds of years.  Louis XIV during his reign in the 1600’s was among the first in Europe to introduce eggplant to the table.  It is the essence of the Greek Moussaka and Italian eggplant parmiagiana.  It is no wonder that the gorgeous eggplant has been included in aphrodisiac cookbooks with care and artful flavor such as the Eggplant Basil Soup.



I believe that the aphrodisiac effects begin with the aroma that is created while working on this concoction.  I started by roasting a whole eggplant cut in large cubes.  Roasted eggplant is aromatic in nature with a toasty scent.  Then of course sautéing onions and garlic and spices together naturally lets the whole household know that something is cooking in the kitchen.  A hint of oregano and a pinch of cayenne pepper and one love apple, a tomato, creates an exceptional combination of flavors while simmering in one and a half cups of chicken broth.



The basil and goat cheese is actually created into a basil chevre by creating a puree with one cup of fresh basil leaves and then  mixing 2 oz. of goat cheese.  The soup once completed and pureed is then topped with this fresh creamy mixture.



This is a hearty soup.  It is thick and you can add more broth to get your preferred consistency.  Eggplant soaks in so much oil while cooking that its flavor becomes seductively rich and complex, leaving you content.  Called Black Beauty, the classic eggplant is high in nutrients that will give you lots of energy to perform the deed.  However, it does not have aphrodisiac elements, as do other foods like chocolate, to give an immediate mood elevating effect.  However, along with Basil, as in this dish, it perhaps can combine to create some romance.  The flavors in this soup alone can bring you happiness as it did for my guy.

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  1. You know i just made an eggplant omelette this morning as my breakfast. And here i learned a new way of preparing it, and its really amazing how you use the basil over to any recipe. It just add the tickling flavor which men prefers.

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