Day 10 – Savory French Toast with Asparagus and Gruyere

Various cultures have long given ode to asparagus for its aphrodisiac potency.  The infamous Kama Sutra advises drinking asparagus as a paste and there are many Greek romantic poetry that mention asparagus.  In French culture it is said that they dined on three meals of asparagus before their wedding to increase libido for the wedding night.  The nutrients of asparagus no doubt aid in the area of sexual energy.  Asparagus is packed with calcium, vitamin E and potassium, which help in cleansing the kidneys and urinary tract as well as giving a dose of extra energy.  Fatigue and sexual disinterest can be reduced by the aspartic acid found in asparagus which helps to neutralize excess ammonia in our bodies.

Friday I decided to give asparagus a chance.  We had Savory French Toast with Asparagus and Gruyere from the recipe in InterCourses.  Doesn’t it sound romantic and comforting?  I think this dish could just as well be served for breakfast or brunch.  It needs to be served immediately out of the oven in order to appreciate the custard like center and toasty top.  I don’t know if I did anything wrong, but the bottom remains soft and if you like your entire toast to be toasty then this may not be the dish for you.  Keep in mind that this is French Toast, not a sandwich, so it isn’t necessarily supposed to be crisp like toast.





I will, however, offer an alternative to creating a less soggy dish.  Soak your bread in the egg and milk mixture as instructed in the original recipe and lay all slices flat on a pan and bake.  Flip the slices of bread over and allow the other side to brown as well.  It will take about 15 minutes at 400 degrees on each side.  Then continue with the rest of the original recipe, by layering the asparagus and cheese and creating sandwiches.  Then bake for 10 more minutes or just long enough to melt your cheese.

The Results

I, however, stuck to the original recipe from InterCourses.  The taste of Gruyere cheese along with asparagus is an indulgent combination.  The idea of French Toast is romantic and it served in this gourmet manner is an absolute killer presentation.  It would have been perfect if only it was not soggy on the bottom.  It kind of ruins the mood.

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  1. I like french toast a lot. Love them whenever i had some extra loaf on the house and was just going to have a happy sunday with my partner and kids just soak them and put on pan foods. But this one i’ll reserve for a midnight treat with my wife.

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