Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection – Day 3 Bringing the True Self Home

In today’s meditation we focus on ourselves more deeply and learn that when we are at peace with ourselves and can truly love ourselves, then we are able to radiate this and in turn attract the same from others. Such a pure love for ourselves and it’s reflection is only possible when the ego is set aside.


Day 3 – Bringing the True Self Home

My true self is the source of peace and love.

Shanti Hum (I am peace.)

We have all experienced those moments in life when we felt loved, secure, and at peace; that is your true self shining through. This core self is the real basis for all successful and rewarding relationships in your life. The true self is fundamentally different than our false self with its ego-centered desires, judgments, and goals. When we try to establish relationships based on our ego needs, we invariably find conflict.

In today’s meditation, we learn that when we experience our essential self and make it our core identity, we have found the common ground of love and peace to connect with others.

Journal Reflection Questions:
1. Reflect on the idea that all relationships come back to how you relate to yourself. List the following qualities of relationship: respect, trust, appreciation, love, non-judgment, caring, compassion, and honesty. For each quality, how does it apply to you? Do you show yourself respect, trust, compassion, etc.? Put down a plus (+), minus (-) or neutral (0) beside each quality to signify if you feel positive, negative, or neutral about how you show this quality to yourself.
2. Taking the qualities you put a plus (+) next to, write down one thing you can do today to show this quality to another person.
3. Taking the negative (-) and neutral (0) qualities, write down one thing you can do today to feel better about this quality. For example, if you feel you haven’t been honest with yourself, journal about what it is you need to own up to and improve. If you feel you don’t care for yourself enough, do something that gives you a sense of wellbeing.
4. Reflect further on your experience today.

“Each one has to find his peace from within.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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