Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection – Day 1 All Relationship Is Connection

Today is the first day of the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection! We are embarking on a journey with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey to seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. Starting today it is hopeful that you will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

This very first meditation is geared perfectly as we prepare for the holidays ahead and the many relationships we must balance during the season.


Day 1 – All Relationship Is Connection

Ideal relationships are my intention every day.

Aham Prema (I am love.)

“Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection. We are happy you are joining us in this Meditation Experience to learn how to become your peaceful self from deep within your own heart. On this journey over the next three weeks, we will come to understand and experience that peace starts from the inside out.

Today’s meditation teaches us that to create heart-to-heart connections, we must begin by connecting to our own true self. Secondly, that our relationships will be strong, loving, and nurturing when our awareness is expanded. Over the next 21 days, we will explore how the peace and love we find inside can grow and connect with others through all our relationships.”

Journal Reflection Questions:

1. Write down three people with whom you have a deep, genuine connection. For each one, list the qualities that make this a good relationship, such as trust, love, intimacy, warm-hearted friendship, etc.
2. Looking at your list, describe at least one thing you can do to strengthen these positive qualities in each of the three relationships. What gesture of love or trust or intimacy can you offer from your side?
3. Now write down the weak links you see in these connections, both major and minor. They could be things like growing apart, not communicating enough, decreased intimacy, or unexpressed resentment. Working from your side, journal about one thing you can do to help repair this disconnect and bring peace to everyone involved. For example, you could start communicating more on the other person’s level or find a gentle way to bring up a resentment so that it can be healed. reflect further on your experience today.
4. Reflect further on your experience today.

“A bond is a deep connection that cannot be broken – heart and heart are connected.”

– Pheng Xiong

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