Bringing Hidden Beliefs into the Light of the Self: Day 3 of Become What You Believe – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra

“The love of what you do, combined with your belief in what you do, will not determine your success. It will determine how hard you will work and how dedicated you will be to achieving it.”

― Jeffrey Gitomer

Today’s meditation is about exploring what we believe. It’s about bringing hidden beliefs into light to break free from limitations of those hidden beliefs. Slowly we can start to diminish the power of unconscious beliefs. You may find that when you walk into a situation you come out with the same results each time because of your own expectations and assumptions. Sometimes it’s easier to hold onto a belief than face it. When you confront the belief that is limiting you, then you can start to build a core belief that is not limiting.

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Today’s Message of the Day:

“In today’s meditation, we look at the beliefs that lie hidden in our unconscious. It’s important to bring these hidden beliefs to light, because otherwise they can be traps that create unnecessary limitations and obstacles in our lives. When we illuminate these unconscious or shadowed beliefs, we reveal our true nature.

Hidden beliefs are limiting, fearful beliefs we hold about ourselves and others. Once we bring these hidden beliefs to light, they begin to dissolve and lose their power over us. The core beliefs that affirm our true nature then begin to shine through and light our way.”

The CENTERING THOUGHT for today’s meditation experience was: “My true self can be trusted to lead me.”

The SANSKRIT MANTRA used in the meditation: Om Ritam Namah

(My actions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence.)

Each day Oprah gives us an introduction and then Deepak Chopra guides us through the meditation. Today he mentioned that Ritam means truth or understanding that aligns with reality. As we chant the mantra: Om Ritam Namah, it is meant to bring our awareness, understanding and beliefs in accord with cosmic reality. So, again I ask you to give yourself 10 minutes to simply focus on the above centering thought and repeat the mantra if your thoughts start to wander.

Today’s four journal prompts were:

  1. Write down some of the self-limiting beliefs you might have that are holding you back. These could be beliefs like, “I’m not smart enough to do this,” or “Why bother trying since no one cares anyway?”
  2. Next, go through your list and find examples from your past that disprove these limiting beliefs – such as unexpected successes, finding out that you made a difference, or discovering that you were listened to.
  3. To help overcome self-limiting beliefs, write down the best ways to “unstick” these beliefs from your mind. For instance, to remind yourself every day that your true self is not conditioned by any beliefs, or by keeping track of all the times your self-limiting beliefs turned out to be false.
  4. Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

The first few journal exercises have opened me up to the purpose driven life that I have from my beliefs. I encourage anyone who feels comfortable to share their journal entries here through comments.

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