Beyond Belief Lies True Knowledge: Day 21 of Become What You Believe – 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”

— Rabindranath Tagore

We have arrived at the final day of our 21 Day Meditation Experience. Congratulations on completing the third week of Become What You Believe!

Over the las three weeks we shifted our beliefs from “us versus them” to “we are one,” so that we recognize our own self in everyone and everything. We learned how to find our own truth within that moves us toward love, freedom, and wholeness and we harnessed the power of belief to guide our spiritual transformation. We now know how to ignite the energy of belief into a harmonious force that unites the world in our common humanity.


Today’s Message of the Day:

“In today’s meditation, we explore the nature of our higher self. We have been looking at belief as a way to reach our inner reality. As we step into the light of our true self, we realize that pure awareness is a state of true knowledge. It is not a belief; it is a knowing. Our true self is not a particular kind of knowledge; it is “knowingness” itself. This state is the gift of living from your core beliefs. This is the fulfillment of becoming what you believe.

Living from our true self, we transcend belief; we shine with the light of our essential nature: truth, happiness, and love.”

The CENTERING THOUGHT for today’s meditation experience was:

“Faith brings communion with my soul.”

The SANSKRIT MANTRA used in the meditation:

Om Aieem Hreem

(My reality is pure intelligence and wholeness.)

This mantra activates pure knowledge and the light of truth to your consciousness.


Today’s four journal prompts were:

  1. Describe what it means to you to “live in the light.”
  2. Reflect and list three role models who are the ideal, for you personally, of living in the light.
  3. Write down at least three ways you can be more like your role models.
  4. Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

Thank you for travelling this road with me. I hope you are able to embark on the holidays and the upcoming New Year with an enlightened soul to light the world. However, our journey is not quite over yet, there will be a bonus day, in which Oprah and Deepak reveal one final secret to embrace your wholeness and start living in the light. I look forward to meditating with you at the conclusion of our life-changing journey together.

May your evenings be peaceful and your days energetic!

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