Beautiful One Ingredient Grape Sorbet

Summer has arrived and it’s hotter than ever. We have record breaking temperatures out here. Are you looking for cooling snacks, yet trying to keep the ice cream off the waistlines? Well, this grape sorbet is sweet and delicious and you will never know that it is healthy… except that I just told you so 🙂

grape sorbet

It’s so easy to make and it can literally be a one ingredient grape sorbet if you want it to be. Adding sugar is optional, depending on how sweet your grapes are and how sweet you want your sorbet to be. I prefer using purple grapes for the sweetness and beautiful deep amethyst hues. However, green grapes make a very fresh and light sorbet that is pretty to the eye as well.

This recipe requires a simple one step prep – freeze your grapes. Did you know that you can freeze grapes in zip-lock bags for up to 3 months? Keep grapes or raspberries in the freezer for last-minute desserts and you can literally purée almost any frozen fruit into an instant sorbet.

grape sorbet - one ingredient

Grape Sorbet


1 bunch frozen grapes

1 tablespoon sugar (optional)


  1. Pour frozen grapes into a food processor. Add sugar and blend. Whirl, scraping down sides often, until smooth and creamy, about 1 min.
  2. Scoop into dessert bowls and serve immediately.


Keep Cool and Enjoy!

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