Some of you may be wondering what my intentions were in including “Alchemy” in my blog name. Today I would like to touch upon that in a bit more detail. I know I have mentioned in the past that Alchemy is a Pseudoscience. It is a practice of ancient times, its muse being the chemistry of herbs and substances found in nature. The ancient alchemists weren’t actually so concerned with turning lead into gold or the physical experiments they did so much as they were changing themselves and creating the person they wanted to be. They put their essence into any experiments they did and realized that their energy effected the outcome. Hence, Alchemy is the art of transformation, whether it be in chemistry, food or oneself. I believe that love, food, and life is the art of transformation of oneself. My life is about love, food and a sort of magical creation every day.

Am I into “magik”, like the kind that you may find through “Witch Reddy and love spells”? I’m a believer of universal energy and I believe in one’s ability to manifest your desires through your muse. I write about many religions and you will find here recipes relating to various religious practices in the world. I do this because I see the beauty in the practices and I find peace in bringing them to life. I have my own religious beliefs that I have been raised on and still practice them, but I am fascinated by the esoteric and draw from any religion that catches my attention in that sense.

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